Friday, June 22, 2012

It's A Sea World After All

One of the reasons we went to California was to see the new Manta Ride at Sea World.
It was pretty cool, and Bruce barely made it through in one piece, (I made him ride in the front seats!), but I thought it could have been a little higher and a little faster. They had a huge new tank of rays to touch- slimy creatures.
I had to see the updated dolphin show and it was great! They've added a lot of very limber acrobats and divers.
I just love those smiley dolphin faces. 
We went to most of the exhibits, including the sharks, penguins, polar bears and turtles. This picture is for my sis, C, who doesn't like real sharks.
I had to push some kids off of this posing spot to get a shot of Bruce on the cement turtle. (Not really. I usually don't push kids. Only sometimes.)
There were lots of animals and fish to see:
And the Shamu show was a must:
Sea World is an awesome place!

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  1. You are so mean....I will go to sleep tonight with the "Jaws" theme playing in my head.