Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Guy

Maybe you are one of the millions who have seen The Avengers. Bruce and I went and loved it! But, somewhere along the way, Bruce got confused. This was an actual conversation about the movie that we had last week at my house.

Bruce: So, I was thinking about The Avengers and about their superpowers.The Hulk is just big and Iron Man has the suit, but what it Hot Guy's power?

The rest of us all looked at each other. In unison, Lindsey and I said, "Hot Guy?"

Bruce: Yeah. The guy with the bow and arrow. Hot Guy. Is his just a good archer or what?"

We looked at each other again, trying not to completely lose it.

Me: "Do you mean Hawkeye?"

Bruce: "Oh. Is that his name? I thought it was Hot Guy."

That's when we all died, right there at the kitchen table. He thought Hawkeye's name was really Hot Guy! Since then, Hot Guy has become a fixture at our house, as in, "Better call Hot Guy!", "Will Hot Guy be there?" and on and on and on. I see no end in sight.


  1. Well I'd go if Hot Guy was going to be there...

  2. I there's something weird in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Call Hot Guy!!! If it's something strange and it won't look good, who ya gonna call? Call Hot Guy!!!

  3. Haha!! Hot guy does sound pretty close :)