Friday, May 25, 2012

The Hog

Things are busy at my house these days. People coming, people going, boys everywhere. Right now there are 4 adults living here, but only 3 cars. Enter: The Hog.
Maybe you remember that a few years back we added a scooter to our list of vehicles. It's come in handy, too. When Bruce was the bish, he'd putter around the ward on any given night, chatting and visiting on the scooter. The other night he wanted all of us to have a scooter riding lesson, just so we'd all be ready to share and share alike, when it came to modes of transportation. We all had skills.
For now, Brian is riding The Hog the few blocks it takes to get to Getaway. He filled it up today and it cost him $4.00. I filled up my car yesterday and it cost 17 times that. Maybe we need another scooter.

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