Saturday, November 5, 2011

Old Friends Are Best Friends

What was Shannon's job at the benefit? She shared show secretary duties with her awesome riding friend, Karlie. Shannon and Karlie rode together for years. In fact, both of them went to their very first horse show together, 10 years ago.

I think Shannon grew up with 2 sisters at the barn- Karlie and Kaitlyn and I love them both. Those 3 were the stalwart LDS ones who never rode on Sunday. (Except when Karlie rode that one time in Elko, but she always regretted it. We don't speak of it.) This picture makes me laugh:
These two took over all of the show entries, which is a pretty big job.
Then after Kaitlyn's Ochem test, she and Shannon rode together in some partner classes, one of which was a class where they traded horses. They showed the youngsters a thing or two!

Here's Shannon on Kaitlyn's horse, Gary:
And Kaitlyn on Rocko:
Whoa, Big Fella...
Shannon and Kaitlyn impressed the crowd when they warmed up their horses at the same time, Kaitlyn jumping the course right behind Shannon, like a shadow. In another class, where they seemed to be the only ones who understood how the rules went, they traded off jumps 1-12, jumping every other jump in order. That was hard, because Rocko is faster than Gary and they had to time the jumps perfectly to do them in the right order. "Gallop, Kaitlyn!!!"

Old friends are the best friends, no doubt.

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