Friday, November 18, 2011

And Yet Another Birthday!

Yes, another birthday. This one belongs to my next-older sister, who is not all that much older than me, just 18 months. Sometime we'll have to discuss the feelings I felt when I realized that I was probably an "accidental" little sister.

Anyway, here we are together in our younger days:
She's probably saying something sassy to whoever is taking the picture.

Here she is, sharpening her photo skills over the summer:
My sister is honest, completely family-oriented, can cry at will, is amazingly musically talented, puts 100% into anything she does and is a good person to have next to you in a bar fight. What I'm really trying to say is:
Unless you've broken something. That would be bad, and I wouldn't laugh then, but I would give you a ride to the hospital.

I love you forever, Sis!


  1. ROFL....oh yes. Every word is true....including the little poster thing. What I want to know is, who bought that couch you 2 are sitting on???

  2. Wow, that's the perfect epitaph! Thanks B ~ I laughed out loud as I read this! And just so you know, you weren't an accident, you were the BLESSING Heavenly Father knew our parents would need following me.

    C, I have memories of that couch - I think it was in the Canoga Park house.

    I love you both :)