Sunday, November 6, 2011

Creative Donating

We try to provide lots of ways to spend money at our barn benefit. This year we added a classic car show. I think I would look pretty amazing driving this car around:
The man who owned it was saying something about leaving it to his oldest daughter. Ridiculous. I was probably meant to have that car.
 Kari's husband, Lon, restored this old Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. He would love someone to take bridal pictures with it- if you know of anyone. I think I should take pictures of Brian and Lindsey in the 70's clothes they got from the DI with this car. It would probably look like those car ads you find in the old National Geographic magazines.
There were other neat-o cars too:
For a $5.00 donation, your little one could have a pony ride:
You could even buy a carrot for your horse.
Yep. Fundraisers are all about creative ways to spend money.