Friday, March 6, 2009

A Xena Page

I saw this paper at Heartland Paper Co. and had to have it! My spoiled cat. She has a pretty nice life, when YS isn't torturing her. He actually tries to fit her whole head into his mouth, but just manages half a head. He is also teaching her that it's ok to have her belly rubbed. As I type this, she is rolling around on the carpet, trying to get my attention. With the Spring thaw Xena is back to catching the mice that have been living under the snow, making tunnel paths in my grass. Eat them all, Xena! But stop leaving those mouse guts behind on my back porch.


  1. She is one pampered kitty! But who can blame you? And if she eats the mice, then that alone is worth it. But I agree with you about the guts.