Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Work Bag

Ok, this will win the "most random and possibly boring blog ever" award, but I figure my blog is about my life, and my work bag is a major necessity to get me through my work day. Inside my very cool Mickey bag I carry: Mr. Monkey- he helps get those preschools to grin!, my wallet - for those Diet Dr. Pepper runs, my calendar, my keys to the studio, my notebook, tic tacs, Kleenex- for snotty noses and other bodily fluids, hand sanitizer- bless the person who invented hand sanitizer, Tylenol- 'nuf said, chapstick, my Leatherman- for fixin' stuff, emergency sugar, pens, brush and hair spray, extra DVD's, my phone- my link to the outside world, not that I can answer it at work anyway, and my lunch bag. All small but worthy and important items to get me through a work day.


  1. I hope you are near when I have my next crisis - you will have whatever I am needing!

  2. So organized! I wish my bag looked like that :)

  3. I'm thinking that every single one of those things is vital....absolutely vital.