Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last St. George Post- I Promise!

I know you thought I was done with the details of our St. George trip, but you were WRONG! One more day to blog about- Tuesday, the 10th. We went golfing!!! I can see now that in St. George, golfing is an all-consuming passion that is taken very seriously. People buy houses bordering every inch of every golf course, just to be closer to the golfing. Unfortunately, my family tends to be the rebel and rowdy type. I don't think we fit in so well with the senior golfing crowd down south. We got in trouble on the 1st hole we played. The golf course police came in their little cart to tell us that we really couldn't all play together and that we would have to split up. Downer. But, we took it well, and the course police must not have seen Youngest Son in his many golf cart power skids, or when he drove backwards for the entire length of one hole, or FDIL wading out into the pond to retrieve our balls. One man who lived next to the 7th hole did come out to see if YS did any damage to his house when a ball ricocheted off his back wall, but no one seemed to notice when FDIL bounced a ball right off someone's roof. It's a good thing we found so many balls on Sunday's hike- we used a good portion of those balls on Tuesday! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

It took Youngest Son 7 tried to get out of this sand trap:

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  1. LOL! You rebels...disturbing the chi of all those snowbirds!