Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Again...

Ah, it's good to be home. Soooo good. I love my pillow. Family vacations are the best, but let's face it- is it really a vacation for the mom? I would We plan the food, we pack the food, we make the food, we do the dishes, then it's time to make more food. And tidy up. Ok, gripes over! We really did have a good time! I drove down on Saturday with Only Daughter and husband, Youngest Son and my Future Daughter in Law. We checked in and hung out. FDIL's parents were also in town, so her Mom came over for a visit that night. Sunday we started the day by going to sacrament meeting. Then FDIL took us on a hike. I didn't know that her grandparents used to live in St. George and she has spent a lot of time there. She took us on a hike down a gorge below a golf course to go golf ball hunting. We found over 200 golf balls!! FDIL's mother caught up with us at the bottom, and we hiked to the river and through the red rocks. What a beautiful place with the sandstone and the mountains still with a bit of snow! It was about 60 degrees and felt like summer! Climbing out of the gorge was not as fun. FDIL is in great shape and practically ran up the mountain like a gazelle. 4 days later and my legs still hurt. Later that night DH and Oldest Son joined us at the condo and we played indoor mini golf with our pickings from the hike. The loser had to plunge the clogged toilet.


  1. ROFL about the loser plunging! Looks pretty down there, though!
    And no, there's never any time off for Mom, because the kids still expect it to work like it did when there were home.

  2. Looks like Bruce got the short end of that stick!