Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Makes Me Tick- Part Last!

I have always loved horses. I took riding lessons when I was a little girl living in California. When OD was about 10 years old and wanted to try riding, we found Kari Swainston and Saltaire Farm, and we've been there ever since. OD has become a very talented rider, winning year-end championships and lots of awards. We've had 3 different horses over time, Griffin- the steady old man, Sophie- the pampered princess, and now we have Rocko- the young former race horse. We've learned so much from all three! I started riding again about 4 years ago, as a surprise for OD. I'd been wanting to, and besides, I'm not getting any younger! I love spending time with the horses and my skills are slowly improving (another of those: If I Only Had More Time things...) I'm also the unofficial barn photographer, which has help my photo skills!:)

Rocko getting luv'd on:

OD and Rocko, dressed as Flash Gordon, at our annual barn charity show:

As you can see, I deal with different kinds of "rides" in my life. Disneyland rides, horseback rides, rides in the Bell van to work, and the sometimes crazy ride that is called Life! Remember to Enjoy the Ride!

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