Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Dreaded Spring Set-Up

This is what the next three months of my life will look like! It's the time of year that school photographers dread: Spring Pictures! Spring pictures are a lot more complicated than the generic "sit on the stool and smile" Fall yearbook picture. I have to deal with props and strange lighting set-ups. I went to a training yesterday and brought one of these flyers home. Starting on Tuesday I'll be taking 250+ pictures just like these on the days I work. Actually, my goal when I work is to take a picture good enough to put on the official flyer. A lot of that has to do with the cuteness of the kid! The adorable kids in this flyer are all siblings whose dad is in charge of Bell Photographers in Idaho. Our Spring set-ups were used in Idaho last Spring and will make their way to Las Vegas for Spring 2010. My boss is still working out the kinks of lighting etc., so I'm not feeling especially prepared for the Tuesday onslaught, but we'll figure it out. Bring on the little beasties!

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  1. Hope the beasties don't give you too much trouble!