Monday, January 19, 2009

My Blogging Birthday!

Happy 1st blogging day to me! Why pick "Enjoy the Ride" for my blog title? My life is a crazy ride sometimes! I love my family- this is us:
We consist of: My DH and me:

We've been married for almost 26 years- that's hard to believe! He's a hard working, type A attorney, who has a hard time relaxing. He's the Bishop of our ward, and his favorite thing to do is drive his tractor, ride his bike, and stay busy! He just always wants to be having fun and/or accomplish something. Right now he works for Get Away Today Vacations as their CFO and in-house legal council. That's fun for me, because we get to go on lots of fun vacations, and we can call it "work"! Oh- he also has a 1/2 acre of grape vines in the backyard that he juices every Fall.

This is our Oldest Son (OS) and his fiance, Future Daughter-In-Law (FDIL):

They both go to school at Utah State University. OS is graduating this semester with a double major: International Studies and Spanish. He is waiting to hear back from the law schools he has applied to, and FDIL wants to be a PE teacher. As far as I can tell, she can win any game or competition that my DH can dream up! They are getting married in the Bountiful Temple on July 16, 2009. We are excited!!

Next, we have Only Daughter (OD) and her husband, SIL (son-in-law!)

They are both students at Weber State University. OD is also graduation this semester with a double major: Psychology and History. SIL wants to be an Event Coordinator, so they will be moving to Salt Lake this Fall so that he can attend the University of Utah. OD has been riding horses since she was 12, and now we ride together. You'll be hearing a lot about our riding. SIL loves to golf! They live around the corner from us in a basement apartment, which puts them in our ward!

Last, but certainly not least is our youngest son, (YS):

YS is a senior at Bonneville High, where he is a social phenom. He is taking mostly college level class, and will graduate with almost 30 credit hours under his belt. He has worked at the local nursery for the last 2 summers, and wants to go to USU to be a Landscape Achitect. He will go on his mission this next Fall or Winter and it's very hard to think that all of my kiddos will be gone:(! YS loves to ski, climb, hang out with his friends, text and watch the Sci-Fi channel.

Also part of our family are Xena, the cat, and Rocko, our horse:

All this learning to blog is making my head hurt, so I'm done for today. Tomorrow I will tell you a little more about myself!

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  1. Well, look at you blogging woman! WTG!! You'll get the hang of it really fast and it will be a fun place to "journal". There are even online sites that will turn your blog into a hard-bound book. Talk about family history made easy!