Friday, July 18, 2014

Shhh! The Tour Is On!

It's July and that means...we're watching the Tour De France!
We've been watching for years now, so we have a pretty good idea of who the big names in the sport of cycling are. We have our favorites and we have those we love to hate.
The cyclist we love to hate the most is Britain's Mark Cavendish. Unfortunately, or fortunately- however you look at it- Mr. Cavendish crashed on the very first day of this years race and separated his shoulder.
The crash was his fault, and he was man enough to admit that fact, but now we can't hate him for the next two weeks. Very thoughtless of him to take away our fun.

Quite a few of the race front runners have crashed out in the early days of this year's race, but that gives us an opportunity to get to know new riders. Competition, along with the beautiful scenery of France makes for fun watching!

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