Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Girl's Weekend!

Last week was the yearly Girl's Weekend that I take with my mom and sisters. Oh, and my sister's dog, Ollie, comes too.We go to my sister's amazing cabin in Idaho for a few days of crafting, eating, movie watching, talking, talking and more talking, and some cackling.

This year's trip started out with a bit more excitement than was needed when my mom tripped and fell getting in the door. After an assesment, we decided that whatever was injured in her painful heel would wait for the time being and we wouldn't rush her back into town to the doctor. She did have to take it easy on the couch with an ice pack and an elevated foot.
Here's a rundown of the crafts we did! One of my sisters designs cards. Lots of cards. She's on the cutting edge of card making and has all the new techniques and tools. These are just a few of the cards we made:
 She also brought a wool stitching project, which I was so happy about because I could really get into wool stitching. I think I'll make a pillow with my block.
My other sister brought all the fixin's to make a monogrammed table runner with pleats. I love this! I have a whole vision in my head about how I'm going to use my runner when I decorate my table this Autumn!
 My project was a beaded keychain. We decorated danglies with paper, stickers and Mod Podge, then added beaded pendants. I like how they turned out!
 More on cabin adventures later, but I'll just leave you with a bit of this for now:


  1. Snort.....what a great picture of M!
    I need some of these....