Monday, June 9, 2014

What Was I Thinking?

Horse show #3 had it's ups and downs. It was held on the grass at the polo fields at the Equestrian Center in South Jordan. (Side Note: Why are there a polo field in Utah at all? It's not like polo is a big sport here. I think it's mostly used for lacrosse.)
The ups: The weather was good. It didn't rain. The grass was nice and dry, so I wasn't afraid that Snoopy and I would go slipping across the grass. With one notable exception*, I actually thought while I jumped. On the day that Snoopy wanted to run really fast, I didn't panic. I feel like we actually did ok. Shannon and I had what we call a "Showcation"- horse showing with some fun thrown in. We stayed in Salt Lake, went to a movie and out to dinner.

The downs: Snoopy was a bit hyper. I made rookie mistakes that kept me from placing higher in my classes, most notably*, I jumped the wrong jump, and I jumped it going the wrong direction. Major mistake. What was I thinking? Oh well, these things happen- chalk it up to my inexperience. Betcha I don't do that again.
Snoopy is such a steady little guy. We are learning how to handle him at the shows so that he's at his best. Now I just need to get my head in the game.

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