Friday, June 13, 2014

Girl's Camp Lantern

I'm headed up to girl's camp in a few days. I was assigned the task of being in charge of a craft to make during what little down time we'll have. I found these on Pinterest, and knew right away that this was the craft for us!
It follows my crafting formula: cute and easy! All you do is put stickers on a jar where you don't want the "frosted glass" spray paint to go. Tie on a simple wire handle and a cute little saying, add a battery-operated tea light from the dollar store and you're done!
I think the girls will really like them and will look cute carrying them around at night- like little fireflies!


  1. So cute! How did you do the tag?

  2. I found it online- I just googled "let your light shine." How are you??!!

    1. Cool! I am in YWs as well so I am always looking for new ideas for the girls! :)

      I am well! How are you? I love that you are riding and showing. You look great up there on Snoopy. He looks like a darling horse and is so cute he could be a toy. I am getting back into riding here is Colorado, I lease a horse named Isabella, who is a 6 yr old gray mare. She is a little thing like Snoopy and has been fun. However, there is not a trainer I have found quite like Kari so it is too bad I cant ride at Saltaire. I am stopping by in June and July so hopefully I can get a lesson in with Kari. :)

      If you come out to the Estes Park show again this year you will have to let me know so I can come hang out with you all. I am about 1.5 hrs away from Estes so I could easily come out.

      Tell Shannon Hi for me and please keep posting your horse pics. I love seeing them. :) Hope all is well!!