Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Wedding In Brigham, Part 2

There was a beautiful backyard reception after the wedding last week in Brigham. The bride had to stoop to give little Shannon a hug:
 They made homemade root beer in old milk cans for root beer floats to go along with pretty cookies.
 My trusty chalkboard sign was put to good use:
 Another chalkboard listed the evening's events. How cute is this?
 There was a beautiful cake:
 And some railings that my sister in law had been saving that came from an old courthouse:
We all had a good time, and I especially like this picture of my MIL, in her reception finery:


  1. Thats one of the prettier cakes I've seen at a wedding. I would have changed the purple ribbon on the second layer with a mint green that matched the leaves on the peony, other then that, gorgeous. Home made root beer is such a great idea too! What a cute reception for a cute girl.