Friday, June 20, 2014

And The Organ Was Played

You know that time you have to fill between the wedding and the wedding luncheon? Last week, we filled our across the street from the temple, at the Brigham Tabernacle. It's a great historic building.
Walking in, we were asked by the missionary couple if anyone wanted to play the organ. I thought to myself, "When will I ever have this opportunity again?" So, I played the organ.

That is, I played it after it took a minute or two to find the power switch to turn it on. :)
 I played Abide With Me- the one where the darkness deepens.
 Peter joined us there and he played the piano. But only holy songs. Not ones off the radio that he likes to play at home.
 This hand carved wood design was the main design motif in the tabernacle. It was even repeated in the carpets.
 The podium was very ornate.
 Every prophet since Brigham Young has spoken in this tabernacle, so it was a neat experience to spend some time here.

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