Friday, December 21, 2012

Steps And A Rat Tail

Back in October, Brian and Peter made a bet with each other. If they wouldn't cut their hair for two months, they would cut each other's hair for final's week- however they wanted. My boys like their hair short, so to go for two months without a haircut was asking a lot. Of course, they both made it the full two months, and they cut each other's hair.

Brian cut steps into Peter's hair:
And Peter gave Brian a mohawk with a rat tail in the back.
They've been walking around with these haircuts for a week now. In public. At church.
Guys, remember when I told you we were taking family pictures this week? 

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  1. Laughing hysterically....especially because it's YOUR boys. Of course, there was the time that Eric came home sporting a very sad little mustache...which he then cut off and put in Marc and Rachelle's wedding card. *eyeroll*