Friday, December 14, 2012

L and Her Horse

My riding friend at the barn wanted some pictures taken with her special horse and I was happy to spend some time with them. Shannon tagged along and was the Horse-Attention-Getter, a very important job I assure you.

My friend, "L", has a horse named Aria. Aria has been at the barn longer than we have. She's been through several owners, teaching her little girl riders to be fantastic at the lower jumps until they were ready for something bigger. Aria is a Quarter Horse, and we don't see many of those in our show jumping world. She is 23 years old and she is pregnant for the first time- due in February. I know, it's like a lady in her 60's having a baby for the first time. We try not to worry. Due to arthritis, Aria's jumping career is over, so L decided to try adding a baby to their horsey family.

Lucky for us, it wasn't too cold for our shoot of the Grand Dame of the barn. (The horse, not the lady!)
I think we caught some nice moments. The barn is in an older part of Layton where there are what seems like miles of overhead wires when you're trying to Photoshop them all out!

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