Friday, December 7, 2012

No Snow In Snow Canyon

It was a good thing there was no snow in Snow Canyon when I went adventuring there last week. In fact, it was probably in the 60's, which was nice! Bruce had some meetings to go to in St. George, so while he was being bored there, I went off to find a good backdrop for a family picture. We are all going back to St. George for a few days before Christmas, and I want to use the timer feature on my camera to try to get a picture of us all. I'll be happy if the weather holds...

Anyway, I explore a bit in Snow Canyon. Most of the trails looked like this and my shoes were pink by the time I was done.
There were lava fields,

A neat little lava grotto,
And a slot canyon.
In the slot canyon there were eerie rock formations where the water and wind had worn the sandstone away. I thought these rocks looked a bit like skulls.
Plants and flowers were still hanging on in the cooler temperatures.
The petrified sand dunes were neat too.
I found a few arches and some holes worn through the rocks.
Besides all that, there was enough red rock to make anyone happy.
 I found a few places that would make really great photo backdrops. Check back after Christmas to see if I can get it all to work!

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