Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Had A Feeling...

Well, I wasn't the only one with the feeling that this year's Christmas tree might be a bit much for Gus to handle. The whole family has witnessed his backyard tree climbing prowess. When Peter and I were on the roof putting up the outside lights it took about 3 seconds for Gus to climb 25 feet up the snow crab tree to our level. When he started looking for a branch that would bring him close enough to try to jump to the roof,
Peter climbed the tree, wrestled Gus down and shut him inside for his own safety. 

This is what happened when I started decorating the tree yesterday:
Have you ever seen a happier cat?
 Yes, he is chewing on a light- that's why his mouth is lit from the inside.
Today I shut him away and put all of the non-breakable ornaments on the tree. Bruce put weights over the stand to keep the whole thing upright. Then I armed myself with a water bottle. Gus was drenched within 10 minutes. It must be hard for him to understand why he can't climb this tree, with all it's shiny playthings and pretty lights.

I will persevere and we'll see how long this battle rages.


  1. We had a Christmas tree climbing cat named Mint when I was growing up. We gave in and just removed the breakable ornaments. He loved it. He would even sleep in the tree. Cats are hilarious.

  2. Good luck with that B! Spray bottles are awesome things :)

  3. Totally cute kitty! Hope both the cat and the tree survive the holiday!