Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Man Vs. Mud

Last Friday we went up to Logan to watch Brian and Lindsey run in the Cache County 5K Man Vs. Mud race. Lindsey's mom, aunt, cousin and friend ran with them too. Their team started the race looking like this:
And ended looking like this:
How did they get so dirty? Well...
Yeah. They crawled through mud and foam, climbed hay bales and rope walls, swam through water and waded through thick and gooey mud and had a blast doing it!
 There was even some victory dancing at the end:
 Before the big hose off. Not that the hose off did much good. They are probably still finding mud in their ears.
It was the funniest race I've ever seen- and I think I'll be joining in new year. Anyone out there want to be my Muddy Buddy? :)


  1. Midway hosts the Dirty Dash which is a big mud race. I'd love to put a team together for next year! Lets go run through some mud, maybe we can talk my mom into it too... :)