Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Into The Wide Blue Yonder

Bruce earned his pilot's license way back in the 90's when the kids were just little. After a while he let it lapse, but now he's re-certified and working on qualifying in bigger planes. He rented a plane in Ogden and flew to Scottsdale last Wednesday for a week of intense training and tests. I got to go down for the weekend! :)

He took me to the ultra-ritzy Scottsdale airport to show me the plane he's been flying. Apparently they roll out a real red carpet here and valet your car right up to your plane. And give you ice cream sandwiches.
 As small planes go, it was cute (and newer than I had expected):
But if you know Bruce, then you know there is always a bigger plan. He dragged me over to this much bigger, much faster plane- oh, how he'd love to fly one of these:
And I'm sure that somewhere in the back of his head he has plans for one of these:
(Sigh). You have to give him credit for enthusiasm! When Shannon and I would be at Scottsdale horse shows, we would see shwanky private jets coming in to land at the Scottsdale airport. It's strange to think that Bruce is doing that- maybe not in a private jet, but still doing it.