Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stratford Campout- Fun & Games

Time once again for the annual Stratford Campout! This year we stayed closer to home and got together at Grandma's cabin. Everything went so smoothly that I don't know why haven't we done this before. It was especially nice for Grandma, who is slowed down a bit by some ankle surgery that she had last week. She's got a little scooter to motor around on but you can see that she's still ready to do a bit of sweeping.
The little kids had fun digging in the sand box and playing some other games.
The older kids played a bit of badminton, just to add some class to the occasion.
FYI: I actually slept on the ground in a tent, and was able to walk the next day- thanks to Bruce and most of the blankets from my house which made the ground a lot softer!


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