Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Liking Snapseed

Pioneer Woman featured a photo editing program on her website last week called Snapseed. I checked it out, loved it and paid the $19.99 to download it. With it you can do basic editing like cropping, straightening, rotating and sharpening. Then it has what we'll call "Action Sets" or overlays that you can apply to photos. Here's a picture that I took down at the Ogden Botanical Gardens:
Then I tried a few actions- I hope you can tell the difference with these. Here's Tune Image, Dark:
B&W, not so great for this particular image, but you get where I'm going.
Center Focus, Old Lens:
Grunge, Schmitz:
And it has several frames that you can thicken.
Plus, you can adjust the intensity and size of each overlay with slider bars. While you can't add text or correct with brushes or tools, I think this is a fun quick editing program and well worth the cost!

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