Friday, July 6, 2012

I Love A Parade!

Especially when I'm in it! Shannon invited me to ride along in the Getaway car during the Layton City parade on the 4th of July. Fun! We got to our spot in line early so that Shannon and her friend from work could decorate the already Disney-wrapped car. The parade rules were that you had to have some kind of patriotic theme to your entry.

 Our place in the parade was....last. Well, there were 3 horse entries behind us, but we were the last motorized entry. As we waited to roll out, we saw other entries arriving.

There were a few "new Ogden temple" themed floats. This one was all about genealogy.

But this one was about the actual construction going on. It even had little worker men.

 I talked to this veteran who rode on a float decorated with flags from all of the armed forces.
 There were lots of antique cars:
 And the Shriners even showed up with their motorized flying carpets. They are my favorite!
 This clown on a motorcycle was pretty creepy.
 Of course all of the local high school and jr. high cheerleaders were there, doing back hand springs on the the asphalt. I wanted them to wear helmets if there were going to do dangerous things like that.

Finally, it was our turn to go! We turned up our CD of Disney music as loud as it would go, and we were off! I sat in the back seat, behind the car wrap, so I don't think anybody could see me. But I waved anyway. This was my view- kind of gray and burry:
At one point I made Shannon move her head so that I could get a few pictures of the parade watchers.
We were very popular with the under-10 crowd. You get a good idea from the face of the girl on the right.
 At the end of the parade, as they herded all of the entries into the dirt parking lot, I got to see a few of the horse entries:
I thought this was pretty cute.
Parades are fun! Thanks for letting me tag along, Shannon!

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