Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sun Valley- Day 1

Our plan was to keep Peter as busy as possible for the first few days of his being home. On Friday we all drove to the Twin Falls temple and did some temple work together. How awesome to have all of my family in the temple together! Even more special, Peter's Uncle Scott happened to be there too and was able to be with us. We went to my sister's house afterward and had delicious treats while Peter reconnected with his Grandma Ian. Then we drove a bit more to a beautiful house in Sun Valley where we stayed for a few days.
That first night we went to dinner at a restaurant and was able to see Peter's meat-eating skills first hand. I'm going to have to buy another freezer, I think. He ate a huge meal, then finished up everyone's dessert plates that they couldn't finish.

And I didn't take a picture that whole day and I regret that.

Saturday was skiing day for the more intrepid members of our group, while other read or took the bus to the YMCA for a bit of fitness. I took my camera long for a long walk. More on that tomorrow.

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