Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bowling In The Basement

Yes, contrary to today's header picture, I did go out to take snowy pictures. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were huge herds of elk grazing on the mountain. See them? No?
 Here's as close as I could get with my lens. There must have been several hundred of them.
For dinner, we went to a pizza place over at the main Sun Valley Lodge, then went bowling in the basement. The bowling alley has been down there for decades. The lane next to ours was not working and the nice guy in charge actually came over to me to say that I could walk down that alley for better pictures. Nice!! People look pretty funny when they bowl...
 Ben wins the prize for The Bowler Who Looks Most Likely To Raise The Dead.
Tired Shannon kept score. After a day of skiing, even simple math can be taxing.
 Bowlers look interesting from behind too:
After a long day, Bruce was seen relaxing back at the house. :)


  1. Cool photo of the elk...I need to show that to Scott!

  2. Bowling is so much fun! Ben looks like a speed skater from behind. It's nice to see Peter getting fully swept back into normal life. :)