Saturday, March 10, 2012

And Then The Fire Truck Came.

On Sunday we went to the local ward for church. Nice ward. Afterward we made pizza for lunch and all of the alarms in the house went off. I swear there was no smoke, but the fire truck came anyway. Awkward...
 Later we played Bang, a game I highly recommend. There are sheriffs, outlaws, renegades, big guns and Wild West mayhem. I'm not very good yet and haven't mastered strategy in any form, but it's still fun.
After dark we could see the snow cats up on the mountain, getting the snow ready for the morning's skiers. 
All in all, our weekend getaway was a great way to reconnect with Peter and spend lots of quality family time together. I have an awesome family!


  1. Have bang, have a bang expansion pack, can't play bang unless one of my kids is around to explain what my next move should be.

  2. Are you vacationing in Midway? or close by? If so, there is no excuse as to why I didn't see ya'll for dinner at Tarahumaras one night. My brother is a slacker.
    And I've never played that game but it looks like fun!

  3. We have Bang at the cabin a the kids love it.