Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Saturnalia!

After our corn dog feast on Christmas Eve, we tried our hands at making gingerbread houses- something we've never done without a kit before. Bruce and Brian bought out the graham cracker supply at the local Walmart, then added frosting and candies to decorate our architecture. My normally noisy house became deathly quiet as we concentrated on our creations.
Ben brought back memories of his mission in Oklahoma with this Redneck Christmas creation. These gummy bears are relaxing in their recliners, in front of their trailer park home. Notice the satellite dish on top and the junk pile out back. There is also a gumdrop keg of beer if they feel to the need for liquid refreshment. I made a gingerbread lighthouse. Not overly creative, but easy to make, with a plastic cup to give internal support. I particularly like the chocolate animal cracker rocks around the base of my lighthouse. Bruce made...a box. Later, after playing a rousing game of Bang, he decided it was jail.
Lindsey brought Lil Missionary into the picture by posing him, and those dastardly ninjas, inside a gingerbread outhouse. He'd better hurry up in there, there's a line of waiting animals!Brian went with an international theme with his Arc de' Triomphe. I particularly like the chariot on top and the carnage left from a recent battle in front.After a vote, Shannon won the competition with her creation: the Colosseum in Rome. Inside you'll find gummy gladiators, Christians being eaten by animal crackers, and Sparticus with his mates. She added a "Merry Saturnalia" to her Colosseum, which was the holiday celebrated in December by the ancient world. Apparently the Christians stole it when they took over. Leave it to a history major...I can see the potential for this to become a bigger and better gingerbread competition in coming years. I'd better start researching now!

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