Monday, December 20, 2010

Everyone Should Have A Party Barn

Everyone should have a Party Barn. You know, a place where you could hold a really big party. A place that has a kitchen and tables and a bathroom. A place where kids can run wild or college kids can perform Feats of Strength and you don't have to worry about breakables being...well, broken. Unfortunately, Bruce and I do not have a Party Barn. We have a barn, but I wouldn't hold a party there. But we DO have access to our friend's Party Barn and that is where we hosted the Stratford Family Christmas Party last night. We fed them vast quantities of Chicken & Rice and grape juice punch. They brought salads, rolls and desserts to fill out the meal. We kept them occupied with Christmas-themed coloring posters on the walls. One of those themes was A Christmas In New Zealand. This is what they came up with: lots of sheep, decorated palm trees, a Maori warrior, a dinosaur (?), a missionary that looks a lot like Peter, and a Hobbit. We'll mail this to Pete.In keeping with the Lord of the Rings theme, my favorite drawing on the poster was the Tower of Sauron, decorated with Christmas lights. Merry Christmas from Mount Doom!
After dinner we had a talent show. There was quite a bit of singing and gymnastics, followed by the 3-Person Death Spin. This picture truly doesn't do it justice. Daniel and Leah made a truly astounding gingerbread copy of a real house in Logan.Bruce was in charge of the Pin The Tail On The Disney Character game. Then we had the tradition Nativity re-enactment. It was magical! So my advice is, find yourself a friend with a Party Barn!

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