Monday, February 16, 2009

A Small and Unassuming Sun Valley Vacation

We've spent the last few days in Sun Valley. DH has a client who has offered his "vacation home" to us in the past, and we finally took him up on it. Well, it was a beautiful lodge-style home with heated tile floors, restaurant appliances, TVs that covered the walls, and a telescope to watch the action on Sun Valley's ski slopes on the other side of the road. We were pampered!! So, in our typical style we dove right into the area's activities. Saturday, Oldest and Youngest sons, along with Only Daughter took on the wild and wooley Mt. Baldy while DH gave SIL his first skiing lesson on Dollar Mountain. I tagged along. I had avoided skiing for about 8 years, so I wanted to take it easy. It all came back pretty quickly and I had a great time! SIL was a fast learner so we all had fun. We even had another celebrity sighting- Jamie Lee Curtis was eating lunch in the lodge where we were. We tried not to stare! That makes 2 famous people this month! More on our adventures tomorrow...

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  1. OK.....THIS is why we have a CABIN, not a lodge.