Friday, February 27, 2009

Ok, So He's Pampered

My horses are like children to me, so they get the very best care. Rocko is no exception, he just doesn't appreciate the pampering as much as Sophie did. It must be because he's a boy. Every day he get a "bucket". Buckets are his favorite thing, because they are full of goodies. He doesn't know that his buckets has healthy stuff too. Kind of like the pureed broccoli in the pizza sauce thing. This is what goes into Rocko's bucket:
- Alfalfa Pellets to add some meat to his skinny bones.
- Hoof Supplement for strong hooves and a healthy tail.
- Fast Track Digestive Aid so he won't colic.
- Super 14 which is powdered fat as far as I can tell, for a very shiny coat.
- Joint Juice (I could probably use some myself!)
- Vegetable Oil for even more shine!
-Apples, carrots and animal cookies, because we love him.
Then we add some water to make it all sloppy because he likes to slurp and make noise when he eats it. I know it looks gross, but Rocko loves it!