Monday, September 8, 2014

Under The Bridge

 On our trip to see Brian and Lindsey, we spent a day in San Francisco. I love this town! It's such an interesting blend of old and new. Bruce needed to be out on the water, so we took a boat tour of the bay, leaving from Pier 39 which is where the sea lions hang out.
There are nice gardens at Pier 39.

 Brian and Lindsey had 1/2 price tickets for the boat tour. Yeay! There was paperwork involved.
 This is the boat we went on!
 Our tour took us into the bay, along the coastline and right under the Golden Gate Bridge. Lots of angles to shoot!
 This is what the underside of the bridge looks like. My camera lens might be little dirty. :)
 After our tour and little bit of shopping (!) we picked up a picnic from Boudin's Bakery and drove out to Land's End, at the mouth of the Bay. A different perspective and another great view!

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