Friday, September 12, 2014

They See Me Rollin'

Bruce needs adventure whenever we travel. No relaxing by the pool for us! We have a saying that, "It's not a family trip unless someone almost dies." {sigh}
On this trip we drove segways in Golden Gate Park. Brian was the one who almost died. He hit a drain and his segway tried to buck him off, but he survived a high speed dismount without breaking his face or his collar bone. True to family tradition, he needed a good mocking after that.
 It was fun, but I can't say I'll be lining up to do it again. Give me a cute little pony any day.

Have you seen Weird Al's video "White and Nerdy?" If you haven't, you need to look it up. Now. It features Donny Osmond and it's totally worth a watch. Just the week before our trip I had been talking to a boy at the barn who rides with me and we laughed about how funny the video was. I sent him this picture:
 I'm just so cool.

Look! Bruce can even do his standard picture pose while on a segway and while holding my hand. Staggering.
 Here I am, leading my segway gang. We're clearly looking for trouble.
 We all survived, (barely), and it definitely qualified as a good activity!

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  1. LOL....this looks so funny...and you are totally cool!