Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Warm Hawaiian Holiday

Bruce and I got to go to Hawaii a few weeks ago, and it was wonderful! Our friends who own the company that Bruce works for took us and some other people from work, along with their own kids.
 Our flight from Salt Lake was delayed for a few hours, but the timing was just right to get an evening picture of Waikiki out of the plane's window.
 We started out on the island of Maui, staying at the Grand Wailea resort. It was so beautiful!
 It had a nice beach...
 A wedding chapel with picture-worthy stained glass windows...
 There were statues...
 And flowers everywhere.
 We spent most of our time lounging on the lawn in front of the beach, sliding down the pool's water slides, riding up the world's only water elevator, (think of locks in a canal), sipping tropical drinks and soaking up the sun!
 Bruce kept himself and others occupied with origami.
 So warm. So relaxing. Wish I were there now!