Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sister P

One of our very special friends is going on a mission next week. I've known her since she was 9 years old and riding Sonora the Pony at the barn. She was the closest thing Shannon had to a sister when she was growing up.
Sister P is going to the Georgia, Macon mission. Let her show you where it is:
They eat peaches in Georgia. But Sister P doesn't like peaches. That might have to change.
Sister P and Shannon are the only LDS girls at the barn who have never competed on a Sunday. Not once. I'm proud of them.
Sister P is going to whip those southern folk into shape! She will be a great missionary.


  1. I love these shots! Fun! The globe and the peaches...really fun!

  2. I remember how to work blogs! Thank you again for your picture skills! You got the best most natural smiles from Kaitlyn so many compliments from those that saw your pictures. If you would like to get Kaitlyns letters email me your email and Shannon's also to Kristin.price@comcast.net