Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Man vs. Mud 2013

Last Saturday Peter, Lindsey, Shannon and I did the Man vs. Mud race in Logan. It was...dirty. Our team's name was, "It's A Trap!", and we wore Admiral Ackbar shirts. 50 points to you if you know who Admiral Ackbar is! (Photo credits to Ben, who got a wicked sunburn!)
 Man vs. Mud is basically a very muddy obstacle course through farm fields. We slid down hills into mud pits:
 We climbed over scary net walls:
 We backed down slippery hillsides:
 We waded through muddy trenches. I never really thought about how many different thicknesses of mud there are.
 We ran over hill and dale. Let me say here that I surprised myself by not falling behind my kids by that much. Sure, they probably would have finished faster without me.
 We wound our way through bungee spider webs:
 We hauled ourselves across a river and we happy to wash a bit of that mud off:
 My least favorite obstacle was the ice filled mud bath. 20 feet of ice water and it was so cold that it burned. Here are Peter and I, climbing out, barely breathing.
 There were plenty of hay bales to climb:
 And victory dances.
 At the end of the race, we slid down another hill into another mud pit.
 There were spectacular splashes!
 Apparently, we like to point and laugh at the next person coming down the hill.
 Here we are after the race, Pretty disgusting, right?
 Then we cleaned off with irrigation sprinklers. :)
 Man vs. Mud was really fun!! Do I have any takers to join our team next year?


  1. Looks like fun, but since I break things when I'm not on an obstacle course, I should probably be a spectator instead :)