Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jumping At Estes

Estes Park is a great place to take horse show pictures. Here in Utah I get all of the "ugly shows"- shows with ugly backgrounds. But in Colorado...
 It's tough to beat that background. You can even see the Stanley Hotel back there.

Our Utah riders and their horses did well at the show. Sure, it was the last week of a 3 week show, so most of the competition had left, but our girls were still good. Some girls from Park City came with us. It was nice to take pictures of different horse/rider combinations for a change.
This Park City horse was so cute- he was so excited on Day #1- look how high he is over this jump. It's already a 3'3" jump, so he's probably jumping 4'3" here.
Then there were my friends from home- my little riding buddies. I love them.
I could take show pictures here all summer!


  1. Yeah, it's really hard to beat that mountain background!
    Awesome pictures!

  2. These pics and horses are gorgeous! I was dyin to come out and see you guys.