Sunday, August 18, 2013

In The Rockies

I spent a week in Colorado at the beginning of August, taking pictures at a horse show in Estes Park. It was a great trip, mostly because the show was done by 2:00 at the latest every day, so every day I drove up into Rocky Mountain National Park and went exploring.
RMNP showcases...the Rocky Mountains. You can drive to almost 12,000 feet above sea level and cross the Continental Divide several times as you drive through the park.
There are steams and rivers in the park too.
One of my favorite spots is Nymph Lake, where lily pads grow.
Funny photographer moment: On the hike up to Nymph Lake I offered to take a family's picture. Looking through the viewfinder, all I could see was their slouchy daughter, so I told her to stand up straight. It just came right out of my mouth before I could stop it. I hope they weren't offended...
I was pretty adventurous- diving on dirt roads and hiking into the nether-regions. One day I got caught in a lightning/hail/rain storm and had to hike back alonga trail that quickly turned into a river. I tucked my camera up under my shirt and hoodie and hoofed it back to the car, getting soaked. I'm glad I did it now but at the time I thought maybe I'd pushed my limits a bit far.
The temperatures were cooler there too, down into the 70's. I was prepared and brought hoodies along to keep me warm.
It is a beautiful place in the world!

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  1. What a beautiful place, and LOL at you telling the daughter to stand up straight!