Friday, July 19, 2013

A Change In Our Horse World

Did you know that Shannon has started the Utah State Human Resources online master's course? Yep- she started the first of July. Here's the official student potrait:
That means she has less time to ride. So, we have leased Rocko to a really nice college girl from Sun Valley who's going to school in Salt Lake. She is taking excellent care of Rocko, rides him well, and he gets to stay at our barn.
In turn, I'm leasing a cute little guy named Snoopy who belongs to our trainer.. I know, Snoopy is a terrible name. If it were up to me. I'd give him a more noble name. He's part Arabian and I'm having lots of fun riding him.
Shannon and I have flip-flopped our riding days so I'm riding a bit more. Then Shannon comes to ride Snoopy and fixes all the mistakes I make with the little guy. I have to say that I'm a bit proud of the fact that I'm jumping again- even the occasional 2 foot high fence!
(Look at those green poop stains! Snoopy thinks there is no better pillow that a pile of fresh poop!)

Snoopy and I have become friends- I have won him over in my usual horse care style- with pampering and treats. :)

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  1. Big news, big changes and an awesome photos of Shannon!