Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Birthday Fiesta!

I had a birthday last week. Not a milestone birthday, but as close as you can get without it being the actual milestone. My cute family went all out, creating a birthday fiesta for me. :)

The fountain doing it's thing in the pool.
My star lights were hanging.
 There was even a pinata! His name was Gary. Lindsey named him. (Kaitlyn, she doesn't know Gary at the barn. I promise!)
 Our dinner table even had pepper decorations.
 We had authentic (?) South-of-the-Border pop to drink.
 And for the main course? Carnitas. Both chicken:
 And beef.
 Bruce and Brian cooked them on the grill.
 Brain made my favorite- his famous guacamole!
 Dinner was delicious!!
 Even Gus woke up from his 8 hour nap to join the fun.
 And fun we had! More details to come-

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  1. That looks delicious, and I LOVE the photo of you!