Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Cat Party

Gus, wake up! It's time for your birthday party!
Mmmph. (Readjust to a new sleeping position.)
Gus! Really- you need to wake up!

(Opens one eye.) I'm sleeping, woman.
 Alright. I can tell you'll keep bothering me unless I wake up.
 Look Gussie! Here's a birthday treat for you!
What on earth is that. I think it's on fire. What is that un-earthly singing?
 I want nothing to do with this party business.
 Wait a minute- this flaming contraption smells like fish. I love fish.
 Alrightly then! I will eat this- as long as you feed me off the burning stick.
 Or I'll eat it off the ground. I'm delirious with deliciousness.
 Now, rub my belly. It will help me digest.
 I will lick my face for the next 3 hours.
 This birthday thing was an acceptable activity after all!

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