Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Aria

We've had a baby at the barn for the last few months, and she is a princess. Everyone comes to visit her and love on her. She's probably the most socialized horse baby on the planet. I did a photo shoot with her last week:
 She was surprisingly well behaved, considering she doesn't wear a halter and get lead around all that much. Her mama was just out of sight and always nearby in these photos. Baby doesn't have a name yet- she belongs to our vet and he gets to choose. Her mom's name is Aria, so I call her Baby Aria. I should choose her name. I'm good at horse names. Remember Mr. Sprinkles?
 She's a very "in your face" type of baby. I'd get in front of her and she'd want to walk over the top of me or slime my camera with her nose. Then she wanted to cuddle. She's won't be with us for too much longer, so we have to enjoy her while we can.

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