Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Family Wedding

My nephew married a darling girl last Saturday in the Draper Temple. It was such a fun family day! There was lots of family there, including cute little girls:
My mom stole the show in her stylish hat. Later, at the reception, she watched the hockey game on my iPad with big earphones on. I didn't get a picture of that- photo regrets!
 The new husband and wife were very happy!
 Heartwarming moment: When my sister's kids hammed it up for the camera. See? Others people's kids do it too! Have you noticed how many redheads are in this blog?
 Peter got a kick out of teasing his grandma.
 Followed by a stern talking-to by said grandma.
 Bruce looked stylin' in his shades:
 And Shannon's big sunglasses made for a reflective picture moment.
 It was a nice way to spend a Saturday!


  1. beautiful pics! You'll have to send me any good ones you've got of my fam! (assuming you don't mind the inconvenience)

  2. I love your shots! Would you please forward them to me?