Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missionary Pictures!

Oh, I love it when Peter sends pictures! We've been laughing all week about the news he gave us in last's week's letter- how he's gained 8 kilos, or 17-ish pounds, in normal measuring. We couldn't imagine where he'd put all that new bulk! But, as we can all see, he looks pretty much the same. There was a baptism in their branch yesterday- that makes 18 members in the branch! The Branch President baptized John in the lake, since there is no font in the mortuary where the branch meets:Here he is on the southern coast of New Zealand, pointing to the nearest land mass, Antarctica.
Here's the view from the gondola they rode on a recent P-day.And a road sign that Peter found interesting.It's great to see him enjoying himself and doing good things!


  1. hopefully all the road signs aren't as crazy as that one! peter looks awesome!