Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gorkin Harvest

Genetics are interesting, aren't they? We did a little genetics experiment this year out in the garden. We threw all of the pumpkins and gourds from last year's porch decorations out into the garden spot, and let them have at it all summer. The results? Gorkins! (Gourds/Pumpkins.) Last Sunday afternoon, since we were all together, we gathered all of the gorkins. There were some interesting mutants out there, and it was fun to discover what was hiding under the leaves. I would so do this again!Xena watched it all benignly. There were a lot more gorkins than we thought there would be! The wonderfully ugly ones, perfect for Halloween:Brian was going to squish this one with his mighty strength:But ended up using this gorkin as a fashion accessory:


  1. That's a lot of interesting stuff!

  2. Your gorkins are awesome! Your porch will look great this year.