Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cross-Dressing Bishop

Bruce loves to dress up on Halloween. He's had many different costumes in the past, in fact, I think he was Cher a few years ago. Last Saturday our ward held a Trunk-or-Treat at the church. Earlier in the day I laid out the costume possibilities. There was the hospital gown and foot brace with crutches, the Mexican sombrero and multicolor serape, the fuzzy caveman costume, the tie-dye hippy shirt with love beads and there was the witch. Bruce chose:The ward thought he was pretty entertaining and he got a few comments on how the Bishop probably shouldn't cross-dress. He was the center of attention until the family dressed at the rock band KISS arrived.

I went with the 3 minute, thrown together hippy look. It worked for me. Maybe you can't see the flower I painted on my cheek.I rock this look.


  1.! Bruce is a brave man. And you totally rock the hippie thing!

  2. Bruce looks great! And I agree, you do rock the hippie look!